So, I've been working on some new sculptures for the goddesses, and they've been turning out really well. I've gotten to work with the colors and tweaking them with varying heats and chemical mixes, so that's been fun to practice. I just need to make sure that the one for Hera is the nicest, because I haven't given up hope of actually getting my grandmother to like me despite how much she dislikes my father. Shiraishi-san, I don't suppose you're able to find gemstones, are you? I could really use some for accenting the piece.

seigaku days

008: Message to Oishi and Kirihara

I take no responsibility for your brother's actions. Just because it should be ok IN THEORY and IF he's cooked the rice properly doesn't mean it necessarily will be. I did not help or encourage him, I just let him have the rice.
Please don't hurt me if the onigiri is bad.

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It took all the rice in camp but I think we finally got everything taken care of. From what I can tell, there's no lasting water damage to anything. Be very, very glad, Niou. Now, I can get back to working on my normal projects, including making something for my Dad as a thanks for making such quality friends for my brother. They came through just fine as far as I can see.

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Niou-san....what the hell?! What has my cabin ever done to you? You are lucky the water didn't make it very far, or you would be owing my father one hell of an apology. Never been so damn glad there's no toilet near the forge before.


So...does anyone know how flammable this paint stuff is? I've been scrubbing for days and all I've done is made myself bleed. I don't want to go in the forge and catch fire, I can't control it like my father does. 


Well, I think I got all the bracers made, finally. I haven't missed anyone, right? I really hope not. I've been trying to decide what to work on making next, but I just can't seem to make up my mind. And I keep falling asleep at my computer trying to look up ideas. Any suggestions or requests?


Alright, I am taking requests. I've got a bunch of metal bracers to make, so anyone who needs some should come and get measured to make sure they'll fit properly. Customizing is extra, and I take payment in the form of baked goods. Or chore completions, if the teachers will allow it. If you want something specific engraved, remember that I am the least creative person here and I need detailed pictures, ok?

Base models will look like this.


Happy birthday, Inui-san! Hopefully your present will happen soon...I asked dad to give you actual working taste buds. It's just unfair that you can't enjoy good foods properly.


So, uh, seems like I've missed a lot lately. Guess I shouldn't just hole up in the forge making things. I made four little birds that I'm pretty proud of, though. One each for Kaa-san and Aneki, and also Hera and Hestia.

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The spear head I'm working on is coming along nicely, too. Just gotta get it sharp and then make a cap for the other end of the spear as a counterweight. Maybe if I do a good enough job, I can finally make a gladius.