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So, uh, yeah. Sorry to everyone who's been trying to get ahold of me for a while. The forge got some serious upgrades thanks to Sada-niichan, and I admit, I sort of...holed up in there playing with all the cool new stuff. Then I passed out for a few days after forcing myself to stay awake for like, four days straight. I'm kind of shocked I didn't faint from hunger, but I guess I was too excited to want to eat. I've successfully scrubbed off all the layers of soot and grime, and I didn't even use up all the hot water, so once I've eaten everything I can get my hands on, I'll probably be suitable company.

Aniki, I don't suppose you still have my present, do you?

[ooc: Yuuta's absence is entirely the fault of sudden and persistent apathy on the mun's part. I blame family stress and holidays. Fuji, Yuuta made you a very fancy, tiered potted plant stand for your many cacti.]
Tags: forge, gifts, presents, what did i miss?
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