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DAMN YOU NIOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Worst luck ever. Had an awesome time in Brazil, thanks for inviting me to go along with you, Jackal-niisan. I hope you didn't come down with the same stomach crud that knocked me out of whack when we got back. Between that and catching up on projects that I didn't get done before leaving/got messed up while I was gone, It was an entirely too eventful month of February. On the bright side, I'm healthy again and caught up, so that's all good!

Aniki, I got you a present while I was gone, do you want me to bring it over or would you rather come and get it yourself?

[ooc: Mun apologizes for the extended absense. Finishing a NaNoWriMo book on deadline was killer. But it's done and I'm back! \o/]


So, uh, yeah. Sorry to everyone who's been trying to get ahold of me for a while. The forge got some serious upgrades thanks to Sada-niichan, and I admit, I sort of...holed up in there playing with all the cool new stuff. Then I passed out for a few days after forcing myself to stay awake for like, four days straight. I'm kind of shocked I didn't faint from hunger, but I guess I was too excited to want to eat. I've successfully scrubbed off all the layers of soot and grime, and I didn't even use up all the hot water, so once I've eaten everything I can get my hands on, I'll probably be suitable company.

Aniki, I don't suppose you still have my present, do you?

[ooc: Yuuta's absence is entirely the fault of sudden and persistent apathy on the mun's part. I blame family stress and holidays. Fuji, Yuuta made you a very fancy, tiered potted plant stand for your many cacti.]


Boy, is it a good thing that my presents are finally finished. Those took longer than I thought they would! And just in time, since I can't go to the forge today. I hope Sada-niichan can make everything work out for the better.


Uh....anyone know the rules on pet tanuki? Went to the forge this morning and found one curled up in my workspace. It's a good thing I had everything picked up and stored properly so nothing got knocked down or lost, but now it's following me around like I'm its mom or something. It's not very big, either, so I think it got lost from its family or just decided to strike out on its own. I don't know what to do with it.

EDIT: The tanuki is a girl, and I even managed a picture of her.

BeholdCollapse )


Ano, Shiraishi-san, do you have any gemstones lying about that you don't need? 


Since so many people bitch about how they get so cold in the winter here, I've decided to make some iron braziers for aroung camp. If anyone wants one in their cabin, and can be sure that there will be sufficient ventilation for it, I'll ba happy to make extras. And, as a bonus, if you throw a clean metal grate over the top, instant barbeque.

What they look likeCollapse )
[ooc: strikes are just strikes. Yuuta thinks people whine too much, nevermind that he spends most of winter camped out in the forge to stay warm.]


Niou-san, part of me wants to think your prediction is a load of crap...but Nee-san sent me some red plaid socks that just arrived today. I'm not wholly sure that's a coincidence, but at least my toes will stay warm in my boots. Kaa-san made me get steel toed ones after all the times I almost crushed my feet last year.

Sanada-san, I've got that leather braided together for Bon-chan, do you want me to bring it by? Or would you rather stop by to pick it up? I wish I had a cute little pet fox, too...

[ooc: strikes are just strikes]


Finally feeling better, thank goodness. I've been back in the forge this week making Aniki's amulet and working on some basic shields. Kenya-san, have you decided what kind of training dummy you want?



so...never really worried about this before, but how do we get our hands on antibiotics around here? pretty sure I need some...

[ooc: mun has strep, ergo it has been thus afflicted onto Yuuta as well.]